Season To Taste!

‘Twas that time of the year, time for Season to Taste
Sharing family traditions, hearty foods for your plate

Seed’s favorite recipes, all created with care
In hopes that you, too, will find something tasty to share

From entrees and apps, to cocktails and sides
We’ve chosen our best, so let Seed be your guide

Try Momma’s Mac & Cheese for a warm, cozy bite
Or a Spiced Maple Bourbon Fizz to cap off the night

We have cookies that taste like Hot Chocolate Pudding
And a hearty Pasta Sauce you can have fun cooking

That’s not all—go explore! Find something that’s great
Whip up some soup, try a sweet treat to bake

And from our families to yours, we wish you much cheer
“Happy holidays to all, and have a joyous new year!”

We hope you enjoy!



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